In Champagne’s most prosperous area of cultivation, the Goutorbe family has been producing high-quality Champagne out of the finest grape varieties Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier and Chardonnay since five generations. When Armand Goutorbe returned injuredly from World War 2, the State allowed him to buy a Jeep to be able to cultivate his vineyards. The vehicle turned out to be the sheet anchor for the ambitious family. Due to the fact that the winery-owner was constantly called „Jeeper“ by his neighbours, he has created the Champagne „Jeeper“ in dedication to his offroad vehicle.The families Goutorbe and Loder share the passion for strong vehicles and high-class champagne. Since 2003, delta4x4 has sold "Jeeper" champagne exclusively in Germany.

With the aim to develop high-quality light-products, PIAA was founded in 1963 in Japan. Today, PIAA is known for the most robust and everlasting head lamps worldwide, further, they have reached milestones as far as lightings and safe night-drives are concerned. PIAA has specialized in producing headlamps, bulbs and wipers. For many years, delta4x4 has been PIAA-importer and also sells their Super Silicone Wipers. Piaa wipers have been awarded by the magazine Auto Straßenverkehr.

Marion Lee „Mickey“ Thompson (1928-1988) was an American off-road racing-legend. Not only that he was fundamentally involved in the development of drag-races, he also hold the most speed and long-distance-records. In 1960, for example, he was the first one to overcome the speed limit of 400mph (600 kmph) in Bonneville. Since 1984, delta4x4 has been the first official Mickey Thompson importer in Europe.


23" elements 4 with continental tires on a 4x4
jeep srt8 together with continental at the essen motorshow 2007
bmw x5 with hollowspoke and tires by continental.

delta4x4 and Continental AG have been development partners since 2003. With its 85.000 employees, Continental counts among the market leaders in the tire production. One of the delta and Conti corporate-developments was a 23 inch street tire for deluxe-offroad vehicles.