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Size does matter! Delta gives the Ford Kuga a 40mm lift
 : clever+zöger gmbh
  • 28.10.2014
Ford Kuga Tuning by Delta4x4

Ford Kuga

It may only be 40mm. But for those in the know 40mm can be essential for off road pleasure. The Ford Kuga’s 18.8cm ground clearance doesn’t exactly inspire confidence in the off road enthusiast, when every undulation in the track has to be considered before powering through.

A Mini tough and rugged? Oh yeah! Delta makes it possible.
 : clever+zöger gmbh
  • 28.10.2014
MINI Countryman Tuning by Delta4x4

MINI Countryman

Granted, it’s hard for a gamekeeper or park ranger to imagine nipping around their estate in a Mini Countryman, an SUV with a ground clearance of only 170mm doesn’t exactly inspire confidence. Back in the day a VW Beetle would have met such a challenge with a daring bravado.

The VW T5 Multivan from delta4x4
The van of adventurers. BF Goodrich Long Trail 4x4Tires for the 4Motion Van.
 : clever+zöger gmbh
  • 27.10.2014
VW T5 Multivan Transporter


Like no other car before, the Volkswagen Transporter will go down in history as a car that encompasses all walks of life. From the heady days of the flower power movement in the 60s to the present day luxury armored T5 Multivan, seen the world over where the mighty feel the need to flex their muscles. Nowadays the VW T5 Multivan is spotted everywhere used by artisans, tradesmen and families alike, varying from the standard version to the luxury saloon model.

Some like it wide- the Ranger Wide Body by delta4x4
“The wheels that love the road” Toyo’s Proxes S/T teamed with Elements4 from delta for the perfect combination
 : clever+zöger gmbh
  • 27.10.2014
Ford Ranger 2AB delta4x4 Tuning

Ranger Wide Body

The new Toyo tire-wheel combo in 23inch for Pick-ups will blow your mind with a totally new driving experience. Even the most cynical of motor sport journalists are at a loss for words when they experience the road gripping power of these wheels. ”The wheels stick to the road like glue „said an experienced journalist during a delta4x4 road test.

The Isuzu D-Max delta4x4 Tyrannos Rex
 : clever+zöger gmbh
  • 14.10.2014
Isuzu D-Max Tyrannos Fender Flares

Isuzu D-Max Tyrannos

The Tyrannosaurus is long gone, remembered now mainly in Hollywood movies, but the lads at delta4x4 Bavaria’s leading off road specialist have taken inspiration from the mighty dinosaur.

The Ford Ranger delta4x4 Kentros
 : clever+zöger gmbh
  • 14.10.2014
Ford Ranger Kentros Delta4x4 with Body Lift Kit

Ford Ranger Kentros

Envisage this; a small boy cross-legged on the living room floor entranced in a world of his own, surrounded by his favorite play toys, dinosaurs. The strong and mighty Kentrosaurus is the most powerful of the lot, his impressive form emblazoned with spikes make him seem fearless and invincible.

Bonding Beautifully!
 : clever+zöger gmbh
  • 13.10.2014
Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8 with 23 inch Elements wheels

Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8

„23 inch Elements4 wheel with Continental tires for the new Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8.
Here is a wheel that amazes even the most of cynical motor sport journalists with its astounding road-gripping power. ”The wheels stick to the road like glue“