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Ford Kuga Accessories update
 : clever+zöger gmbh
  • 22.08.2008

Ford Kuga

ford kuga in white with wheel ira

Ford Europe is moving with the Kuga toward new terrain - one on which delta4x4 has been located almost 30 years with absolute passion.

Off the roads the delta4x4 Kuga moves with style, thanks to 55 millimetres more ground clearance consisting of a sporty body lift kit (+30 mm) and a Wheel/tyre combination "SINS black" 8x18 with 235/60R18 Pirelli Scorpion A/T.

SRT8 As fast as it gets
 : clever+zöger gmbh
  • 14.08.2008
conceptcar delta4x4 the dune


What is the superlative of fast? Right! The Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT 8 with the tuning kit from delta4x4. Through various interventions delta4x4 creates a power plus of 80 hp. With this kit is the magic limit of 5 seconds from zero to 100 km/h a child's play to undercut.

"IRA" Why is the street not a catwalk
 : clever+zöger gmbh
  • 14.08.2008
ira the new wheel from delta4x4

If we accept the road would be a catwalk. It could be assumed that the new rim of delta4x4 "Ira", would be the Topmodel among the many others. IRA is available for many common vehicles in 20 and 22 Inch! A special highlight of this rim is the "inlets" made out of the finest stainless steel which is available.

Haute Couture par excellence - for the Citroen C-Crosser
 : clever+zöger gmbh
  • 08.04.2008
a stunningly attractive accessory program

French SUV lovers and individualists don’t have to wait any longer. In September 2007 Citroën launched its first SUV model on to the German catwalk. delta4x4 the Bavarian specialist for SUVs as always first to introduce fresh, new ideas presents a stunningly attractive accessory program for the C-Crosser.