delta4x4 has created for Tiguan VW drivers a new driving identity with its brilliant design-styling-kit

 : clever+zöger gmbh
  • 08.04.2008
delta4x4 tiguan von vorne mit einer raffinierten tieferlegung

Some people tend to view the new VW best seller as being conservative and too mainstream. delta4x4 the German SUV expert is convinced it will win over these sceptics with both an on-road street edition and a high-class off-road version that are guaranteed to leave them in awe.

The on-road and off-road versions will appeal, without doubt, to all not just to the Heidi and Seals of this fast moving world. The on-road version. For the top model with discerning taste, delta4x4 has designed an attractive lowering kit, sexy fender flarings, elegant sports exhaust system and a remarkable number of exclusive wheel/tire combinations (16-22 inch.). Thanks to delta4x4´s modern engine management nearly 30 more horsepower is gained (169hp/384 Nm) compared to the Tiguan´s standard version (140hp/320Nm).

For him, delta4x4 has equipped the VW Tiguan with a special body styling kit, which is made up of an underride protection set with an integrated hand-polished stainless steel exhaust system and side bars (76mm). delta 4x4 accentuates the distinctive body line of the SUV with wicked fender flarings, sporty wheel rims custom painted in trendy colours and an attractive colourful radiator grille. As the result of the newly won elevated ground clearance of 50mm Seal is able to show to his Schatz that he truly is a real offroad maverick.

vw tiguan von delta4x4 mit designfelgen
tiguan von unten betrachtet zeigt die doppelflutige sportauspuffanlage von delta4x4
vw tiguan von delta4x4 bestens ausgestattet fuer jeden offroad trip