If your Porsche isn't man enough for you and doesn't have that edge of adventure to it, then delta4x4 is the solution.

 : clever+zöger gmbh
  • 22.12.2014
Porsche Macan by delta4x4

Porsche Macan

To ignite the adventurous ambitions of the new Porsche's power SUV, delta suggest their Beadlook rim together with the excellent off-road tire from the American all terrain specialist Mickey Thompson.

The 18x9" rim is strong and light. It has a built in ring that is easily replaceable if damaged. The Beadlook rim comes in gloss and matt black.
Delta4x4 strives to produce rims that are extremely lightweight and durable; they are mashined in-house employing a special technique to individualize the wheels for the specific needs of every car.
The set of Beadlook 18x9" rims and Mickey Thompson 265/60R18STZ tires will cost you 3.900 Euro. The fender flares are currently in production at delta4x4 for this wheel combination.

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