Possibly the lightest Off-Road Wheel in the world

 : clever+zöger gmbh
  • 30.10.2014
Legacy Forged geschmiedete Felge delta4x4

Legacy Forged Wheel

„Forged to become a legend“– the new Off-Road wheel called „Legacy Forged“
delta4x4 the trailblazer for SUVS awarding the 4x4 driver with a forged aluminium wheel to a weight saving and pavement safe off-road image
One of the basic rules of the German SUV specialist delta4x4 is to keep on seeking for the most innovative technologies to conserve the fun and safety of driving. One of the most surprising moments is the development of a brand-new forged aluminium wheel called “Legacy Forged” which is competitive to the level of the former striking forged aluminium wheel of the brand Mickey Thompson.

Every wheel starts as a single block of high-strength aluminium alloy which is treated by gigantic sledgehammers. Because of this treatment the wheel is saving up to 50% and is unbelievable strong and corrosion resistant.
Other advantages of a forged aluminum wheel

  • Less tire wear: aluminum wheels are forged and 100% CNC machined, they run truer and exhibit better tire wear than a classical cast wheel
  • Reduced fuel consumption: Because wheels are considered un-sprung weight additional fuel savings are realized due to mass moment of inertia, where less effort is required to rotate a forged aluminum wheel
  • The strength of aluminum: Forging aligns the main structure of aluminum with the shape of the wheel. This produces wheels with unrivalled strength that pass the most demanding tests of legal institutes

The brand-new wheel „Legacy Forged“is offered so far in one size 18x9 inch for all the luxury SUVs and Off Road vehicles and for all “European” Pickups as well as all the full size Pickups of the American market. The wheel is available up from 598 € and has a 5-year unlimited mileage warranty against manufacturing defects.