Save Water, drink Champagne A case of Champagne and a set of classic wheels for the classic car

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  • 11.11.2014
Jeep Wrangler Beadlock wheel by delta4x4

Jeep Wrangler Beadlock

The name Jeep is synonymous with a varied range of off-road vehicles worldwide, and indeed was the trailblazer in off-roading. It goes without saying that delta4x4 the Bavarian off-road specialist, has always had a special interest in enhancing the vehicles “look”. This time the classic wheel the delta Beadlock is mounted to the Jeep Wrangler and it´s hard to imagine that the wheel wasn´t originally designed for the vehicle.

Champagne Jeeper. Delta has been the sole German importer of this fine champagne for 20 years now. Delta’s Champagne JEEPER is a „ Grande Réserve Brut “, made in the best tradition benefiting from endless years of experience, fermented from 100% Chardonnay grapes gathered only from the sun-kissed Jeepers vineyard. It is a champagne “brut”, entwining the long lasting scent of flowers with a honeyed fruit bouquet that gently lingers to the close.
The new delta Beadlock for the Wrangler in muted black has a clever protection ring that acts as a shield, which can be easily and at low cost replaced.  As a result of years of design experience delta has been able to maximize its strength and at the same time minimizing its weight (13 kilos).
Champagne Jeeper gets its name from the French winemaker Armand Goutorbe and his passion for the legendary 4x4 Jeep.
The tire/wheel set Classic (4 wheels 9x18inch delta Klassik and All Terrain tires) costs 2.990 €. The tire/wheel set (4 wheels 9x18inch delta Beadlock black and the awarded ATZ-Tires of Mickey Thompson of the size 305/60R18) will set you back 4.480€. From now, until December 2012 delta will supply together with every set of delta Beadlock wheels a case of Champagne Jeeper.

Jeep Wrangler wheel by delta4x4
Jeep Wrangler Mickey Thompson tyre
Jeep Wrangler Beadlock wheel 18 Zoll