Stainless Steel Bars

For many an SUV would look very underdressed without an bull bar, thankfully however the vast majority of SUV drivers no longer need the bar to protect them from accidental collisions with large animals on rural roads. The bars today are there as eye candy to give the vehicle that something extra that makes it noticed. For delta4x4 most importantly pedestrian safety is our number one priority, to this end delta4x4 has developed the People Safety Bar.

All our front bars are EU certified, this document needs only be kept in the vehicle. delta4x4 is renowned for its understanding of how to really stylize a vehicle so of course side bars, roll bars and sports bars are among the accessories available. The side bars can also be purchased with an integrated step. All bars are crafted from stainless steel, they are offered either in hand polished stainless steel optic or in a stylish matt black.

On a practical note; because of the varied light mounting brackets it is possible to mount lights on the front bar, these lights can be used as high-beam head, fog or flood lights. Moreover these lights do not require TÜV registration as the front bar has EU certification and high quality lights such as PIAA are delivered with an E tag.

We are proud to acknowledge not only the trust that our private customers have in us but also the enduring partnership we have enjoyed with Ford, Mitsubishi, Toyota, Hyundai and other vehicle manufacturers through the years. We deliver our parts direct to the works to be mounted as initial equipment or as accessories from the manufacturer or indeed direct from delta4x4

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